Forensics, Expert Testimony, & Rehabilitation

Many water elements fail due to sub-standard design, materials or craftsmanship. Through scientific investigation and evaluation, solutions can be determined that best suits each situation, thus bringing new life to old features. Analysis and investigation start the process of rehabilitation. In many scenarios, help with dispute resolution is required in the form of testimony and evidence assembly.

Site Investigation & Forensics

  • Systems/Site Analysis
  • Destructive Testing
  • Documentation Research
  • Petrographic Analysis
  • Stray Current & Corrosion

Arbitration, Mediation, & Litigation

  • Expert Testimony
  • Documentation presentation as required
  • Court Time, including all wait-time associated
  • Negotiations for judgment or settlement


  • Design / Programming of Materials & Services
  • Structural Reinforcement or Replacement
  • Historical Restoration
  • Systems and Finish Materials Restoration