Design starts with the Visuals.


The process from beginning to end must be very programmed and exact to get quality results that fulfill the Visual intent. This methodology must also be able to adapt to changing influences within the design and construction process.

Isometric view of equipment
3D model view of equipment
Image of final equiment installation


Selecting appropriate materials and equipment for elements is crucial for longevity of any water environment. Careful consider and specification of submersed materials with exposure to unique water chemistry is essential in creating more permanent Visual integrity.

Diagram and techincal specs blueprint
Image of fountain installation with water turned off
Image of fountain installation with water and lights turned on


Starting with a Visual conceptual idea, the design process culminates in solutions that resonate with all aspects of a project. These solutions need to be sound, comprehensive and have a longevity that matches the Visuals.

Diagram view of water feature interior
Computer models showing details of ground depth
Isometric view of equpiment room interior


Occasionally a design goal falls outside the reasonable boundaries of a project's resources. Understanding whether these Visual desires have the foundation for a real-world implementation is important to a realistic culmination of a project.

3D model of pump room equipment


The most important facet of a team-effort is being able to listen to others, hear what their goals are and work toward solutions that fulfill the Visual intent of any project.

Close up details of water fountain in action